Our tranquil environment offers you a space to relax and embrace the natural healing effects of halotherapy.

It is advisable to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time as each session will begin at the advised time slot.

  • Please leave your phone and personal belongings in the locker provided (this is your time to be still in mind and body)
  • You will need to remove footwear for hygiene purposes, but slip on shoes are provided
  •  It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing
  • You will be provided with a throw to place over you, if you wish
  • Simply make yourself comfortable on the chair, and relax to the music in our salt room
  • When you are ready, please make your way to the reception to get yourself a drink of water.

Thank you for calling into Halo Retreat, we hope your experience was relaxing & you will be back soon 🌻

We hope to see you soon

Amanda & Sean