10am: Halo Retreat registration, and a warm welcome, where you will be greeted with a signature botanical mocktail, and a Citrine tumble stone crystal for you to remember your experience. You will have time for you to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and settle into our Chakra Bar, being mindful and indulging your senses with our unique conscious drinking experience.

10.30am: 1 hour Halotherapy session - Halotherapy is beneficial for Respiratory, Allergies, Skin & Relaxation. Our unique Salt Room is incredibly relaxing, and allows you to take time out for you, to embrace your stillness, and your inner calm. Experiencing many levels of wellbeing.  

11.30am: Refreshments - Water as required after session. 

11.30am: A herbal tea and tincture shot will welcome you back into our Chakra Bar. 

12.00pm: 30 minutes in our Zen Den - (meditation space) where you select from our Quartz playlist of meditations, to be in the moment. Taking time out is essential in our daily lives, allowing yourself to go deep within on your own personal Journey. 

12.30pm: 30 minutes in our Soul Journey room – Our room is designed in its simplicity of connecting to mother earth and the elements. Connect with your crystal, while being guided on a visual journey, and allowing the healing acoustics of our crystal singing bowl and tuning forks to soothe your senses.

This time is to explore and create calming patterning’s of self-discovery. We are all unique and so your journey will be unique to you in each moment of discovery. 

1.00pm: Back to our Chakra Bar where you will be greeted with a herbal tea and a raw cake slice, to relax and embrace all aspects of your experience. 

Please advise us of any allergies so we can cater accordingly. 

As a gift to remember your experience and take your retreat home. You will receive a bath salt to relax at home.


We look forward to inviting you into Halo Retreat.

Amanda Popely & Sean Monaghan xxx