Amanda Popely

Amanda Popely

Through my lifes journey, I have encountered many tools of discovery to work with, embody & to share. The modalities I offer are but a small aspect of who I am, as all gifts within are a part of who I Am as a whole. We are all connected, we are as ONE.

Life has taken me on a deep journey of stress through many encounters and life events. My coping mechanism has always been my ability to be aware of my inner feelings/thought's and how the physical body reacts to these. As I have travelled on this life path, my ability to see/feel deeper has strenghened, and so has my ability to embody my inner knowing into the holistic modalities I have chosen. 

I am a decoder of Love, working with the frequency encodements, and filaments of light that enhance your own frequency into remembering who you truly are. 

I hold space for others to embrace their full potential in all that they choose to be, within each moment within each timeslot window of opportunity, as all and everything is energy. Once we recognise this within us, then our world starts to take on a whole new meaning, and so the Journey within begins.  

Welcome to Halo Retreat, a longterm vision that has now fully manifested/actualised into all that it is today, always forever evolving growing as are We.

Angelic reiki Master - Meditation Teacher - Movement energy Facilitator - Relaxation Therapist -