Sean James Monaghan

Sean James Monaghan

As a Meditation Teacher, I emphasise the role through guided meditation and visualisation: To visually project out the areas of imbalance, in order to understand and access the areas of strength - to regain Balance, Empowerment & Self-Discovery.

My own journey has been both a rollacoaster and personally revelational. In my teens I experienced depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, among many other insecurities. They hindered my every choices until I was but a shell of myself, with no enjoyment for life....or for anything. Over the years I was able to take stock of myself and my life. I began to engage with myself on a deeper and personal level. I turned within and took time to get to know myself, all aspects of myself - 'good/bad'. Through meditation techniques along with creative visualisation my life turned around. I began to grow and learn from within, this helped me to understand myself, and thus, the world began to make sense, reflective to my altered state of mind. 

I am now able to look back on my life with peace of mind. In seeing the perspective I have gained, in the hope of sharing my experiences with others to show the possibilities of our own capabilities and potential as individuals.

Working in a holistic capacity allows me to fully explore the many areas of healing modalities. My background as a meditation teacher has helped me to deepen and strengthen my practice, to delve into the widespread complexities of the mind, with it, we can begin to see the cause and effect from stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation Teacher

Angelic Reiki Master