Welcome to Halo Retreat - A Natural approach to Balance, Wellness and Mindfulness
Halo's from the greek word meaning salt - Retreat meaning a safe and tranquil space to escape - "Halo Retreat" which as a retreat allows your mind and body to benefit from our salt therapy sessions.

We all live such busy lives, to find life balance can often be a struggle to achieve. It has become apparent that to escape on a holiday, "to get away from it all" is not enough to sustain the long-term balance that we crave, because as soon as we arrive back home and back to work, it's as if we have never been away all. Creating balance comes from within, it is a daily commitment to honour ourselves, and the potential to create many possibilities; to live abundantly in our Joy, Creativity, Love and Happiness - to simply BE in each moment.

This has been a long-term vision of ours, to create a retreat that allows all who enter the space to embody and embrace all aspects of self, taking you into a remembrance of self love to nurture who you truly are.
Allowing for the imperfections along the way, that knows the immeasurable courage and strength it takes to change how we choose to live. After all our imperfections are what make us unique, they provide opportunity to grow, nurturing the seed of light from within, to blossom into your authentic true-self.
Each aspect within HALO RETREAT, will allow you to explore many dimensions of yourself, within each moment. And through each doorway, your own inner journey begins, creating new concepts of ancient ways to embrace and to be Free. Welcome to the start of a new beginning ........

- Meditation Retreat - Mindfulness Retreat - Health Retreat - Wellness Retreat - Wellbeing Retreat - Spiritual Retreat - Holistic Retreat - Healing Retreat -


What is it and why is it an up and coming trend ?



Halotherapy (also known as dry salt therapy), produces micro-particles of salt in the air. Its temperature controlled environment replicates the beneficial properties of salt mines. Halotherapy is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, boost immune system and help with relaxation and mindfulness

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The Salt Therapy Association (STA) was founded to provide resources, information, research and standards to support, promote and create awareness about salt therapy for the industry, businesses and consumers.

Halotherapy sessions


Allow the subtle music to take you on your journey - sit back, relax and enjoy. 1 Hour Session - £30

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"For general respiratory hygiene, once or twice a week visiting your local salt therapy facility will enhance the lung capacity, boost immune system, reduce stress and aid better sleep."

- Salt Therapy Association

Block Booking


5 Sessions

  • £25 per session

10 Sessions

  • £20 per session

15 Sessions

  • £15 per session


A group booking of 8 people for £120 (only £15 per person).

Simply select your class and adjust to 8 attendees and your discount is automatically applied.



Meditation in its simplistic form helps achieve an elevated state of mindfulness and awareness, it is a great anxiety treatment to help reduce stress and anxiety. All you need to do is sit back, relax and truly be in the moment

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Other Services


Indulge in a mindfulness experience offered in our meditation space - guided meditations to suit your needs.

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Offering holistic and energetic modalities, to look more deeply within yourself as a multi-dimensional being.

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Nourish the body with our chakra herbal teas.... Indulge your senses in a unique conscious drinking experience with our Botanical mocktails...…

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Take your retreat home, enhance your experience within the comfort of your own space. We have a collection of organic, eco products, all sourced ethically.

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Healthy lungs and a clean respiratory system are essential for vitality, energy and longevity.

"An average adult takes about 12-15 breaths per minute and little children about 20-30 breaths per minute. The main function of the lungs is to deliver oxygen to our red blood cells and get rid of the CO2 from the body. In addition, our respiratory tract acts as a very important defense mechanism by filtering the air from pollutants and foreign substances, it regulates the pH level of blood by managing the levels of CO2, and it also helps control blood pressure by converting the chemical in the blood called angiotensin I into angiotensin II".

- Salt Therapy Association


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Mindfulness Event

Being Mindful in each moment....

  • Date: 10/08/2019 10:00 AM - 10/08/2019 04:00 PM
  • Location: Halo Retreat, Wagonway road, Alnwick, Northumberland, UK, NE66 1QQ (Map)

Price: £10.00

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Now available!

Quartz Retreat Packages

Quartz Retreat Packages Quartz Retreat Packages Quartz Retreat Packages
Find your ' Inner Calm' with our restorative retreat packages...

Take some time out from everyday life to relax, rejuvenate and restore in a safe and tranquil space. Long-term balance is dependent on creating space for yourself to embrace self-love and simply be. If you have been feeling stressed or anxious, our retreat packages give you an  opportunityt to find some stillness and inner peace.
The retreat includes time in the Halotherapy room, where dry salt micro-particles are enriched into the air for you to breathe in. Not only does this have an incredibly calming effect, but it can also remove toxicity from your respiratory system, improve the function and appearance of your skin and boost your immune system.

Your retreat will also include (depending on your choice of retreat) guided meditation from the Quartz audio playlist in the Zen Den, herbal mocktail and raw vegan cake in the Chakra Bar, and moments of self-discovery in the Soul Journey room. You will have a tumble stone crystal throughout your experience.
Embrace a slower pace of life and feel the balance and benefits this can bring to your soul, body, mind and life…

We are very passionate about making your experience at Halo Retreat unique. Each aspect within Halo Retreat will allow you to explore many dimensions of yourself within each moment.

Rose package - £80
Amethyst package - £65
Citrine package- £40

All packages incorporate and promote wellbeing, wellness and mindfulness:
- Meditation Retreat - Mindfulness Retreat - Health Retreat - Wellness Retreat - Wellbeing Retreat - Spiritual Retreat - Holistic Retreat - Healing Retreat -

Please see our Quartz Itinerary for further details on what is included in each package.
If you wish to book one of these packages, please contact us to confirm the date you request is available before you book and pay. Email: info@haloretreat.com, or by phone: 01665799316.

Please read our terms and conditions, and check Halotherapy contraindications.

Quartz Itinerary


£80 per person

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£65 per person

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£40 per person

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The Team

Amanda Popely


Through my lifes journey, I have encountered many tools of discovery to work with, embody & to share. The modalities I offer are but a small aspect of who I am, as all gifts within are a part of who I Am as a whole. We are all connected, we are as ONE.

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Sean James Monaghan


As a Meditation Teacher, I emphasise the role through guided meditation and visualisation: To visually project out the areas of imbalance, in order to understand and access the areas of strength - to regain Balance, Empowerment & Self-Discovery.

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Retreat Packages


Coming Soon

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Contact Us

  • Halo Retreat, Wagon Way Road, Alnwick, UK, NE66 1QQ

Creating New Earth

Community building

Community building
We are passionate about promoting wellness and building a community network.
To expand a rapport with local businesses and tourism,  to develop the awareness of life balance and wellness.
We live in such an amazing area in Alnwick Northumberland, surrounded by such beautiful vast green fields and woodland areas, as well as the coastline and beaches, and are very passionate about the Earth we live in and protecting Mother Earth. We will be exploring and creating a hub  with the ethos of eco living sustainabilty, and ultimately connecting to many who share our vision.
Halo Retreat is unique in its concept, as we believe this concept can be in every town village, or a small part of it could be incorporated into people's lives, in schools, in homes, in workplaces, to create balance from within. We will be promoting this concept just by sharing our ideas and our experiences, to allow all to explore their own inner journey within.
Please reach out and connect with us, if you share our vision.
A vision of peace, harmony and Balance.

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